Horse & Rider


For as long as I can remember, horses have been my dearest friends, my no-fail stress reliefs, and my truest passion. As a lifelong equestrian, I understand the bond we make with these special creatures, and the impact that friendship has on our lives. No matter the breed, age, or discipline, we as equestrians are all connected through that shared bond with our horses.

What I love most about my equine photography is being able to feel that connection with a client, and have them trust me with the job of telling the story of them and their horse. To be able to capture the bond between a horse and rider is an ability i cherish every time i put my camera to my eye, and i would love to capture that for you!


— Platinum —



  • 2 hours of shooting

  • multiple outfit changes

  • 50+ digital images for social media use

  • Black background portrait session for 1 horse

  • 20-page customized photo album



— Gold —


  • 1.5 hours of shooting

  • 1 outfit change

  • 35+ digital images for social media use


— Silver —


  • 1 hour of shooting

  • no outfit change

  • 20+ digital images for social media use


All digital images include a Jean Hodgens Photography watermark, but are removed on purchased prints. Printed photographs from your session make for beautiful home or barn decor, and thoughtful gifts. Canvas or metal prints are also available to beautifully showcase you and your horse’s portrait!